Like the evanescence of a summer sunset, the events of the past year will soon become a fading memory. The remnant of this memory will be focused on the innovation, creativity and ingenuity that flourished from enduring these hard times.


Music is an influential entity, as everyone turns to music to help them through a crisis. Amid the wider impact, the pandemic has flipped the music industry upside down. With the curtailing of public gatherings and the prevalence of lockdowns, it ultimately led to tours and festivals being ruled out. Thus shattering the live music industry. For musical artists the start of the year was the beginning of their ‘Final World Tour’.




With the pandemic wreaking havoc, another major event occurred simultaneously. The ignition of the Black Lives Matter activist movement in an already fragile environment, showcased how society still remained divided. As youth, we want to create our own world; a utopian society, a world that is responsive to our understandings of what it means to be human. When evaluating societal progression, we are able to see how past major events moulded current society.

The early 1990s ‘Riot Grrrl’ movement was one of these culturally shifting events. It provided a platform for women to rebel against a society they felt offered no validation to women’s experiences and gave birth to female bands with music that expressed feminist and anti-racist viewpoints. 



The lockdown periods endured across the world created the worst climate for mental health. The feeling of confinement and the uncertainty of one’s future led to the increase in anxiety and depression. Thus resulting in the rise in prescription medication to tackle re-emerging and newly emerging mental health problems. From a different perspective, these feelings created a lust for euphoria which led to highly polarising lockdown party culture. People were succumbed to the desire to escape reality. Hence opening the door to the world formed by ecstasy and ‘blue nitro’.